Asmodee Mr Jack

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Thinking about it. Scotland Yard meets Clue? Sounds like something I would enjoy. Always looking for good 2 player games.


2-player only


A quick playing and enjoyable game. I suspect that it may get a tad old with repeated play. Special mention goes to component quality - simply excellent!


Surprisingly deep game for how simple it is. Needs a ton of planning ahead to do well. Tons of great bluffing opportunities as well. Fairly balanced on both sides, but would prefer if it was a bit more 50/50 than 60/40.


Very good 2 player deduction game. The tug of war with the characters is interesting.


London detectives versus Jack the Ripper! Jack is trying to escape the city but must remain incognito to do so. The detective is organizing a search party and is trying to narrow down who amongst the area's people is actually Jack. Uses a line-of-sight mechanic to determine who can or cannot see Jack, and the players must logic out which of the characters (that they both have a chance to control) is the murderer.


Fast explaining and fast playing. I am not good a deducing anything :)


One of my favorite deduction games.


It's like two person clue and surprisingly strategic, and perhaps overly so. For a couple's game, it plays very quietly, as opponents must carefully position themselves with each move. The game feels fairly balanced between Jack and the Detective but I think the Detective holds a slight advantage. Its a pretty good strictly 2p game, and fills a good niche for when I'm tired of playing 2p card games and need a board game fix.