A japanese home-brew, a "Negima!" version of Werewolf.

To activate the "Forced Magic Recognition Spell" in order to eradicate all unhappiness in the world… that is the true goal for Chao Ling-sheng. But that cannot be allowed. You must crush her plans, together with the other students with magical powers!
But take heed, for the Chao team is after you. Each time the World Tree is activated, the Forced Time Jump Bullets rain down on the Negi team!
The keys to victory in this battle where magic and technology meet, are the students who don't know anything about magic. The last event on the Mahora festival is also the stage for the last battle.
Who will be victorious? Will it be the Chao team, burning for its conviction?
Or will it be the Negi team, believing in friendship?

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Nanji wa chou-ichimi nariya!

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