Kid History: The Party Game


This is a social party game designed to create moments of fun interaction within a group.

To start a game each player is dealt 8 Quote Cards. One player is selected to be the “historian” for the round and plays a History Card from the deck. Each player finishes the quote by passing one Quote Card face down to the historian. The historian for each round does not play a card. The historian shuffles the answers, reads them out loud in context with the History Card, and picks their favorite combination (usually the one that got the most laughs). Whoever played the chosen Quote Card gets to keep the History Card as a point.

At the beginning of each round select a new “historian” by moving clockwise around the room. Also, every player should draw a new card to bring their card total back to eight cards. The game is played until a pre-determined amount of points are earned by a single player (typically five).


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