The Lord of the Rings: The Duel

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This game accomplishes everything it sets out to be: an easy-going, quick "duel" between two players. It doesn't overstep it's bounds, and doesn't try to be something it's not. It's a little gimmick-y with the whole, unnecessary cardboard bridge thing, but I really like it! It adds to the theme, and pushes this game over the edge a bit into "keeper" status for me. You can tell the designers of this game put a lot of love and thought into it. There's a whole section in the rules for "special" cases of card interactions that shows that this game wasn't just shoved out the door. This game is designed to be tense down to the last card play, unless one player is really bad and the other is really good. You really feel the hopelessness of Gandalf, and the over-powered (cocky-ness) of the Balrog. Patience is the name of the game, and learning when to take your hits will be what wins you this game.


A decent little filler. Has aspects similar to the first card placement of Aton, but not much beyond that.