Primeval Forest - 3D Printed Trees for Miniature Wargaming


3D printed trees and forests for miniature wargaming and roleplaying games

My goal is to create a unique set of 3D printable trees .STL files for tabletop gaming. For being such a staple on wargaming tables and in tabletop role playing games, trees are some of the most complex and tricky pieces of terrain to model. You've either got to spend fortune on pre-made plastic trees or make due with fragile DIY creations.

Personally I've tried clay, wire armatures, paper mache and more, each with varying levels of success. I wanted something I could quickly print, paint and get on the table without having to worry about clump foliage falling off or sticky messes all over my crafting station. Simply put, I identified a problem and needed a solution. And that, my fellow tabletop enthusiasts, is how the idea was born.