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Basically the same game as charades, but limited to using the board as clues. It's not bad, it makes for interesting situations, but I don't think that it's great either.


Awesome Party game! definitely either my favorite or at least in the top 5 for party games. I thought this game was super awesome, and trying to get people to guess words based off certain clues is awesome, and super hard. so much fun!


The core idea of using the board to communicate is pretty great. The cards are all over the place in terms of relevance, accessibility, and clarity. The game rules (in terms of scoring, etc.) the game is a total mess.


Amazing and fun party style game, we forget the points and just play for the fun of it.


Great party game. Needs more cards for variety.


It's not a great game, but it isn't horrible either. Has kind of a charades feel to it with putting tokens/markers in places.


by Jsil

Condition: Very good. Edition: Concept ‐ English third edition (2015)


Did not like. Also the people I played with.


Bliss Board: the game. Free form, entirely made or broken by who you play it with.



Yet another "guess what I'm thinking of game" that bores me to death.


Just charades, not especially bad but not an amazingly fun game without a drunk aunt or two taking part


Like charades, if instead of gestures and mime, you only have a small number of pictures and impressions you can show to people in a particular order. I don't care much for gesturing and miming, and like the clever way that the concept board and tokens can be used, so I know which I like better. Fantastic party game when you want everyone on the same team and don't care about scoring.


Wanted to grab this fun party game (more of an activity) before the Wheaton effect. Was a hit the first time we brought it out and we didn't even bother keeping score. A lot of the concepts are hard to get across, but I suppose that's the challenge to the "game". Love the high player count (the box says 4-12+) and looking forward to many, many more plays.


(11/15) 8. Love this party game. One of those you can just set up and people can wander in and out. "Charades for writers" is a very apt description. (9/17) 8. Don't pull this out as much as I'd like, but still hits when I do. Great game.


In Germany


Probably never gonna play this one fully by the rules. Funny game tho :)


As described, a bit of a cross between Pictionary (without people drawing) and Charades (without people miming), and scoring a little like Dixit. Playing in teams of 2 works well with Adult/Child combinations - comfortably played 8 this way. A fun, family game with plenty of amusement.