The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac

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by paka

Easygoing and gorgeous push your luck, which everyone can play. Not much strategy and deep thought needed. Small memory element for Lava-room, but with few games under belt its gone aswell.


Hits my random button about right. Appropriate length, appropriate crazy, and some fun for awhile.


Eh. Problems include severe problems with playability as a result of memorizing the tiles, rather boring game play... simply uninspired. Yeah, it's lifted from the Indiana Jones movie. Good movie, but the game is weak for me. The kids didn't even like it. That's not good.


Despite the fact that the box reads "ages 10+", my 5-year-old and 7-year-old have no trouble playing and enjoying the game. I wish the game offered more variety from game to game, but it's a fun experience. Heavily luck-based in the end, but players feel as if their decisions have meaning.


Painted characters and traps


Pretty cool game with an awesome theme. Light, quick, and fun. Played this with my sisters (age 9 and 5) who loved it and with a group of 30-something guys who also enjoyed it.