Babel board game
Babel board game


In ancient times, monarchs built temples to demonstrate their wealth. The highest temple belonged to the wealthiest monarch. In this two-player game by Uwe Rosenberg, you are one of these long-forgotten monarchs. With the help of various nations, your temples will grow more and more beautiful, reaching ever closer to the sky. But beware of your opponent and the nations on his side, for they will want to destroy your temples and convince your own people to change sides...

So, who will be the greatest monarch?

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  • OOOOOOOH fierce game.
  • Tried it once, seems promising. Now let's see if I can get this one on the table
  • Interesting and fast-moving, but a) the special powers are a tad too flukey (bloody Assyrians) and b) the temple draw can frequently leave you with nothing to do.
  • [Duel, Medium] Two player game without too much depth. A bit too random-feeling.
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