Apples to Apples

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Pretty boring tbh, plenty of other alternatives much better


Fun party game to be played occasionally..


Definitely a game that almost anyone would be willing to play, but it's pretty much played out for me. I've played enough catan for one lifetime and there are too many other games out there.


What a stupid game. I keep agreeing to play it though and I guess some of the time I have fun.


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A wonderful game that's accessible to everyone and always provokes a smile. It's nice to have a party game that doesn't intimidate people for their lack of knowledge. *UPDATE* My feelings for this game have gone down severely in the long time since I last played it. Certainly unique, but it wears out quickly. For non-gamers, it is probably a welcome change from typical party gamers, but in the long run I don't think it holds up very well.


A great party game for a crowd, however the fun factor is all dependent on the individuals you play with. This isn't something I like to pull out with just a few people but rather when I feel the crowd would have some fun with it. For instance I was the judge for a round on the topic of " Something you are a shamed of" and one younger girl who has never poked fun at me ever include card "Your body". When I discovered who it was I couldn't stop laugh along with the entire group. This Game is a great game to play and is also a great game in seeing how well you know the people you play with. For instance the theme was "terrible", and I knew my friend hated and despised Jodi Foster and that was exactly the card I had, bingo I win!


I'm not one for party games, but to hear the laughter of the kids when they play something that makes no sense at all is hysterical. Laughter from the kids is a win for me.


Party game where the fun seems to be the bizarre combinations that sometimes come out. I think I'd rather more choices (ala Compatibility) but won't turn this down if people want to play it.


If we must play a party game, I'd rather play Time's Up, Scattergories or Wits & Wagers. But even so, I can have fun with this.


Light party game - was fun playing with close (non-gamer) friends a couple of years ago - haven't had it out since.


Maria’s pre2015




Bought new from thrift store for $3. Fun to play with non-gamers, they usually like it.


Makes me laugh every time. Make sure that you use the blank cards for maximum enjoyment. INCLUDED: Apples to Apples Exp #1 Apples to Apples Exp #2 Apples to Apples Exp #3 Apples to Apples Exp #4


Received as a gift.


This is the game that is responsible for just about every shitty party game that I secretly judge new gamers for bringing to game night.  It basically boils down to you looking at your hand of cards, picking the weirdest one, and saying: "oh look I played Michael Jackson on "sexy"...isn't that funny!!"  There is precious little game or choice here, Dixit does the same general concept SO much better.


Some people love this game. I'm not a huge fan. Not a lot of strategy in my opinion. Can be quite funny with the right people though!


The game that has influenced a generation of party games. Got overplayed when it was first popular, but fun to come back to it occasionally.


Party and social game.


Apple Crate edition (expansions 1 & 2) several homemade cards from the Blank Set and Inkjet sets


Cards Against Humanity, but harder to make jokes. It is a fine game if everyone is good friends (and had a couple drinks), but the higher degree of difficulty does not really make the jokes much funnier.


I hate this game.


Really a party game.The saving grace is that he game becomes funny as one player is playing cards to make the other laugh. good for Drunken players


Don't like the metagame voting aspect currying favor. Much prefer Dixit's "blind" approach.


Great fun. I've played this in several groups (6-8 players) and everyone has a blast. You'll hear some of the most odd things come out people's mouths when you play this (like when my wife said "When 'underwear' comes up I always pick it"...hilarious)


(+) Everyone knows how to play, gets some good laughs, group interaction, voting, approachable, quick play time (-) Fatigue, you may never get your card picked, potential is capped by being a filler game (+/-) Dependent on your group


My daughter, 7, loves even the adult version. Amusing party game with very simple rules.


Cards with vocabulary words and three synonyms? If you teach ESL students and you don't own a copy of this, go behind the barn.


This is the original put a word/theme out, everyone plays a card, and then one person decides the winner game. To me it's not exciting in the least. Played it a fair amount in college, glad that the hype over this game among my friends has gone away and it can remain as being played only in the past and never to be seen again in the future.


(11/15) 3. Given to Claudia (10/17) Drop to 2. Maybe I didn't play this early enough but it just seems so very bland. I can't think of many, if any, games I wouldn't rather play.


Fun for the first few plays then gets repetitive