Five Tribes

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Spouse: prefer two player really like, no expansion


One of my favorite games. Subject to lots of AP, but if you're patient, it's exciting to see your friends freak out about what to play and watch their confidence grow as they analyze all possible outcomes. Beautiful components, perhaps thematically my favorite type of fantasy, and an absolutely wonderful game all around. This is a must buy.


Weight: 2.89 / 5Includes custom bag for tiles and/or meeples


1-4 players, 45-75 minutes, medium weight, mancala/auction/area control, Bruno Cathala most games of DoW this one looks great, has little rules and plays smoothly. The game could be considered a gateway game, but there is quite some strategy involved and at first glance the game may seem overwhelming.The mancala-system is quite different from other games, which is refreshing and it works really well. Turn order is an auction/bidding, so you have to pay coins (=VP's) to be first in line, so you will not want to spend VP's unnessecary, but you would like to be first or second in line (depending on what's available on the board). If you choose to pay nothing, then you're placed in last position, but everyone after you can also choose to play nothing and move you even further back.




The King of ANALYSIS PARALYSIS! I love this game!


Love playing with two players over 3 or more. With three or more, your awesome move will not be there when it's your turn, no matter how high you bid.


Love the look, the mechanics, and yes I like the theme too. AP players should probably avoid it though. Love it.


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great game that took the mancala mechanic and made it better!


Expansions Owned: Thieves, Artisans


I like how the puzzle changes over the game. Not sure it will hold up too strongly in the long run, but on my list to play ten times this year.


1 xx




Thus far it's fun, but absurdly AP prone.


This is an excellent game. It works as a great bridge from gateway games into meatier ones, without being too heavy. I love how literally everything is worth points in the game. Even the money is worth points at a one to one ratio, but you use the money to buy everything else. Once you've played a few times, the game time drops significantly, and it's a great game to play between heavier euros as a palate cleanser. The component quality is excellent, as you would expect from Days of Wonder. The cardboard chits are thick stock, the colours are vibrant. The meeples have little turbans if you look closely. All in all, a wonderful game.


Like how the game is all strategy and there is no chance involved (no dice). The bidding phase is very enjoyable. The one negative with this game was the rule book. The first time playing we had to jump on BGG to find an explanation of several rules. (Scoring of the Viziers and if the Fakir's are scored at the end). The "game turn" sheet that every player has is not the official rule book. The Viziers's scoring is misleading on the game turn sheet.


One of our first 5 games. I will always love this game! It was my first experience with a designer taking a familiar game mechanic like mancala and making it 10x more interesting and challenging. What a beautiful game with a very appealing theme!




My first play was at an FLGS game night and I enjoyed it a lot. One of the staffers asked if I would be interested in buying it and I said yes, but they were out of stock... except for the store's copy. Which they sold me at a discount. Bonus!


EUR 39,86 from AMAZON


Might only be a 7, will readjust after more plays if needed.


One of the few games with a spatial aspect to it that doesn't completely melt my brain.


Coming to this game wayyyy late, it seems. But apparently I really like the mancala mechanism in games. I'd love to play this again.


Excellent, I've only played this with my wife but enjoy it every time


Five Tribes is a very smart design. Setup is a breeze and clean-up is almost integrated into the gameplay. It has a trait that I love in games: it forces people to think. Players can't make a lazy move, because not every move is legal, so even if they do not take their best possible move, at least they'll have to think long enough to find a legal move. Also, it has turn bidding, special powers and spatial gameplay, three features I adore. And games are quite fast. And due to the random nature of the setup, no two games will be equal. Still with all that, I dislike Five Tribes. The times I've played, I have found it very difficult to work towards a long time strategy due to the way djinns work. They provide all sorts of special powers and point bonus, but there is only a limited number of djinns available at any given time and it is impossible to know if the djinn you need for your strategy will appear during the game or not. We've had players win a game in the last turn only because the perfect djinn for them showed up and they were able to multiply the points given by a certain color of meeples, or palm trees, and move from last position to winner and the rest of the players could do nothing.




After watching video reviews and playthroughs I assumed this game would be a 6 or 7 rating in my book, but I was pleasantly surprised! I really enjoy the unique meeple movement, and the "point salad" scoring allows for plenty of strategies to choose from.


First play, too much point to keep track how well you are doing + Five Tribes: The Artisans of Naqala (2015)


Really like the Mancala aspect to the game as well as the turn order bidding. Only played at two so far, though I hear it is best there, I do want to try with more players at some point.


The wife and I play this without bidding for turn order. We just play turn for turn and it speeds the game up.


FULLY SLEEVED 22 x Swan PanAsia Jungle Speed: Standard (SWN-044, 150/pack) - (80 x 80mm) 54 x Swan PanAsia Mini Euro: Standard (SWN-006, 160/pack) - (45 x 70mm)


Avoided this game since release as the reviews suggested it could be quite prone to analysis paralysis. Had some time free today and took the opportunity to play this as a 2, then 3 player game. In my opinion, this is just above gateway game in complexity to teach. The player aids helping in the learning curve. Various Djinn cards provide a pinch of strategy but for the most part this is a tactical game. This is a great game and likely to go up further.





We totally love this game! It’s so much more enjoyable as a 2-player game because we get to go twice per round and can pre-plan our moves.


Love Five Tribes, looking forward to playing it again and the expansion.


I also have the expansion for trade.


1-4, 40-80m


decent game, but felt like there is no way to strategize.


Colorful game with multiple ways to score points. Not my cup of tea but everyone I play it with seems to enjoy it.


[Draw bags for randomize the meeples] [Pending to sleeve]


Satisfying to quite a degree, and not nearly as overwhelming as it first looks. An excellent game, but a silent one.


Grew on me.


Grew on me.


Lots of ways to score. Play it breezily or the game jams up.


meeple grabbing good times


The fun of Five Tribes become apparent immediately following your first turn. Combining the tribe effects and tile actions to pursue the various scoring methods is delightful. Parsing the board is disorienting at first, but turns remain agile which helps maintain player engagement. The Djinns, while powerful, are costly so they have niche-utility and mildly employed. Unfortunately this prevents players from using their hard earned 'toys' and is perhaps the game's only short-coming.


Cool WP/Mancala mechanic this game has. I love the artwork of the Djinns and I think that this is a homerun for my SO. We actually ordered this game from a FLGS that we hope to patron for many more years to come!


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Just a fun game overall. It's extremely satisfying when you find some move that combos perfectly for you. Not sure if I'm interested in the expansion since I have the first edition and the artwork won't match.


(9/16) 8. (10/17) 8. A fantastic game. My onnnnnly issue is that it's so prone to inducing analysis paralysis. Otherwise, quite clever and unique. And the chunky pieces are just gorgeous.