Ingenious Challenges

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Yeah, I only love Reiner so much.


While clearly based on his prior title, Ingenious, these three games are different enough to justify their inclusion in one box and to add to the genre of abstract strategy titles to Reiner's name. Each holds slightly different strategies and challenges. Our favorite here would be the dice challenge for some reason. Perhaps because it's compact and relatively simple with few parts.


I liked the original, this one is a shorter filler game that uses the same concept as the original. There are three mini games that you can introduce beginners to and finish relatively quick. You place pegs into the score card so you could play the card game in a car. The game box is very small all the components fit in snuggly. Not a must have game, but it has a place. August 2019 $8.31


This is not marketed as a kids' game, but it is. This game comes with us to every vacation. Portable and quick to play. Mostly luck but with just enough decisions to keep it interesting.


Of the 3, I think the card game is my favorite, but I will pretty much play any of them. Nothing fancy, but enjoyable.