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Battle Masters is a fantasy miniatures battle game by Milton Bradley, presumably licensed from Games Workshop. The sizeable game box comes stuffed with tons of plastic miniatures, a deck of combat cards and some dice. Players move and fight their armies based upon what card is turned over from the deck. Combat is held on a large vinyl mat 4.5 ft square (Actual Measurements: 55 inches by 57 inches).

From the back of the box:

Welcome to the world of Battle Masters - the epic game where you command mighty armies locked in a legendary conflict of good versus evil!

The noble Imperial Army is ready to meet the Forces of Chaos. You and your opponent must strategically guide 25 army units, featuring over 100 finely-detailed figures, across the gigantic 4 1/2' X 5' Battle Mat. Beware! Ditches, marshes, river fords and the great Border Tower lie before you.

The battle unfolds as each turn of a Battle card tells which army units can move and which can attack. Will your army be victorious, or will your opponent destroy you? Who will survive the battle and win the game? The fate of the Empire is decided by you, the Battle Masters!

Card Deck:
3 Goblins and Orcs
1 Goblins, Beastmen and Wolf Riders
2 Goblins and Wolf Riders
5 Champions of Chaos and Wolf Riders
2 Champions of Chaos Charge
1 Chaos Archers and Champions of Chaos
2 Beastmen, Orcs and Goblins
1 Goblins, Champions of Chaos and Beastmen
4 Choaos Warriors, Champions of Chaos and Chaos Archers
1 Choaos Warriors, Beastmen, Orcs, Chaos Archers and Goblins
5 Wolf Riders Double Move
1 Whole army move (Chaos)
5 The Ogre Champion

4 Imperial Knights
2 Lord Knights
2 Imperial Archers
6 Imperial Knights and Lord Knights
1 Men-at-Arms and Imperial Archers
4 Men-at-Arms, Crossbowmen and Imperial Archers
4 The Mighty Cannon
1 Whole Army Move (Imperial)
1 Lord Knights and Imperial Knights Charge
1 Lord Knights Charge

Ogre Champion cards:
3 Ogre Moves
3 Ogre Attacks

Mighty Cannon Tiles:
1 target tile
4 flying cannon ball
3 bouncing cannon ball
2 explosion

Note! The following cataloged from an open game. They should be considered minimums!
Four Terrain Tiles, Large Hex
1 Ford/Lake
1 Two Sided Wall/Spoiled Lake
1 Ford/Three sided Wall
1 Cannon in Muck/Four Sided Wall

Six Red Combat Dice with Skulls and Shields

Large plastic battle mat

Bits of Cardboard
50 Skulls tokens on black background, square
22 Axe on yellow background, rectangular (could be more)
15 Coats of arms on grey background, rectangular (could be more)
11 Coats of arms on red background, rectangular (could be more)
3 Rubble tokens, irregular shape

Bits of Plastic
9 Steeds/Horses - Three each in Red, Yellow, and Blue
4 Hedges, green
1 Cannon, red
1 Ogre Champion in black with large mace (in two pieces that snap together)
28 Flag staffs (could be more)
10 Red archers (could be more)
5 Red crossbowmen, 1 red guy with a bucket, 1 with a large curled feather in his cap (could be more)
10 Black archers (could be more)
9 Grey knights with long pikes (could be more)
15 Grey axemen (could be more)
1 Black axeman, larger (could be more)
1 Red projectile or fastening device (could be more)
5 Grey tower pieces
11 Beige bases and red labels (could be more)
15 Brown bases and black labels (could be more)

11" x 17" single sheet assembly instructions (C) 1992

MSRP: AddLowest: $450.00

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