Not Alone

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The one vs. all is very well done, and it adds texture to the core doublethink mechanics--which are themselves somewhat hampered by the fact that there's little reason to suspect anyone's going to one place over another.


Not my cup of tea at all.


I want to like this game, but after dozens of plays it doesn't feel balanced. A smart, clever hunter seems unbeatable. An average hunter is beatable, but overly difficult. The game also doesn't feel cooperative enough. It inevitably devolves into a sort of deduction game where everyone silently guesses where everyone will go and then acts on that guess. All attempts at coordination or bluffing fall flat. I think the core mechanism is a fun, light system. But there's something off about the actual full game.


Good game but totally not for me. I can't calculate where players are heading.


2-7 players (best 4-5) 30-45 minutes


Not Alone is a game full of double-thinking. The Hunted are trying to predict and avoid the Alien, while the Alien is trying to predict and catch the Hunted, and the tension involved in this cat-and-mouse game is fabulous. This is true especially at the beginning and late stages of each game. The Alien tries to contain the Hunted to their limited 5 location starting hand, likely by blocking the rover. But, a clever Hunted will visit The Lair to avoid and copy the Alien. And this infinitely layerable thinking is what makes this game fun. However, after a handful of plays the location cards begin to feel stale, and playing as the Hunted becomes less interesting. Luckily, playing the Alien is always fun, and being such a small package its easy to overlook is slight lack of replayability.