From the box top: "All you need to host your own evening with Dracula - from atmospheric audio tape to blood capsules and fangs. The spookiest party game."

From the underside: "You are stranded in a house as a result of a storm and one of the people present is COUNT DRACULA. The object of the game is for the players to discover the identity of Dracula. Players are gathered in one part of the house and their fate and actions are decided by the spinner. As players move about the darkened house they are likely to meet Dracula or one of his vampires and be turned into VAMPIRES themselves. The mood in the house is set by the cassette tape, with the sound of eerie music, doors slamming, wind howling, thunder crashing, along with the VOICE OF DOOM, and the TOLL OF BELLS! You and your friends are guaranteed an evening of laughter, fun and scares. No Game ever plays the same. The more often the game is played the more fun everyone will have as they become skilled in the art of detecting and avoiding Dracula."

The players are travellers which are stuck in a small tavern in the woods during a storm. One of them is Count Dracula, the evil vampire. The players try to discover Dracula's identity.
All players gather around the "wheel of fortune" and explore the playing area from here. They do this trying to flee from the count and his vampire henchmen. If a player is caught, he too turns into a vampire.

1 Audio cassette
1 Wheel of Fortune
12 Plastic Vampire Fangs
12 Letters of invitation
12 Small coffins
102 Playing cards (denominations of German edition):
36 Mission
18 Unheil
12 Kreuz
12 Knoblauch
11 Vampir
1 Pflock
12 Gastkarten

1 Rule book
1 Tips for the host

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An Evening With Bram Stoker's Dracula

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