Thunderstone Quest

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A marked improvement over the original Thunderstone which I played long ago. Still not keen on so much deckbuilding and shuffling, but I'd choose this over Clank, Dominion, etc.


I honestly don't understand the above 8 rating this game is getting. It draaaaags on forever, takes too damn long to setup and play. Players start getting bored in the middle of the game. Your hand starts getting more and more clogged, with little to no options to destroy cards. Just thinking of taking it all from the box makes me lazy.


Check it out.


Big boy deck building co-op adventure!


New and old players loved it!!! Best Thunderstone!!


It's more Thunderstone, alright.


I really want to like this game. Deck building with a theme. The game is somewhat fiddly and can't be played at great speed. Too many exceptions and special rules on cards, monsters, rooms.


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The best Deckbuilding game I've played, and by far the best version of thunderstone


It's relatively brainless, but the theme is solidly implemented despite the fact that this is just a multiplayer solitaire deckbuilder. Leveling up and earning XP is enjoyable, and some of the side quests and Legendary Cards are really fun. There is a baffling amount of content here, though I'm not not convinced it makes the game all that different with the different sets of cards. There's really only one strategy: Kill monsters, earn XP. This is a pretty classic example of a game that plays you. Which cards to buy is reasonably obvious, Village/Dungeon turn is simply a matter of calculating whether you can beat a decent monster. There are almost no meaningful decisions to make. Dominion gets away with it because games are so short. A game of Thunderstone Quest is 3-4x longer. For a game this light, I want it to be finished in an hour.