Thunderstone Quest board game
Thunderstone Quest board game

Thunderstone Quest

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Thunderstone Quest is the third version of the best-selling deckbuilder designed by Mike Elliott.

Thunderstone Quest evolves Thunderstone and adds a more exciting and story-driven Dungeon system to the game. The Dungeons are modular and each presents unique challenges and puzzles for your party of heroes. Thunderstone Quest evolves the classic Thunderstone experience and includes streamlined rules, lots of new cards and art, and new and updated mechanics.

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  • Solo (Barricades Mode)
  • A marked improvement over the original Thunderstone which I played long ago. Still not keen on so much deckbuilding and shuffling, but I'd choose this over Clank, Dominion, etc.
  • I honestly don't understand the above 8 rating this game is getting. It draaaaags on forever, takes too damn long to setup and play. Players start getting bored in the middle of the game. Your hand starts getting more and more clogged, with little to no options to destroy cards. Just thinking of taking it all from the box makes me lazy.
  • Check it out.
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#Hero Realms, #Jamacia, and #Thunderstone Quest Was a good evening of game playing with a buddy.


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