Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

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Need to try this again - auction games need more than one play


min 2 max 5


by 3MBG

Not a huge fan of tile laying games for starters, and I found the buying mechanic a little annoying. Requires a lot of looking at other peoples stuff which bogs down the game with AP players.




IoS is both a bit odd and a bit charming because of the dual nature of the game. The first part is the sales phase (auction is not quite right) and the second is the tile placement phase. While on the surface that seems like it wouldn't work or, at best, be disjointed, it's surprisingly smooth. I like how you've got a bit of player interaction in the sales and then a bit of navel-gazing in the tile placement. A couple of notes from a recent play: -Everyone thought the game ended a round too soon. Several players mentioned that they would like one more round where all the bonuses scored. -After playing at both 3 and 4 players, I think 3 is the ideal player count. With 4, it is too difficult to both consider your own strategy and get a sense of what other players need or guess what they will offer up. -Still a bit confused by the scroll scoring. Need to read the rules more clearly on that. This is still a game I would like to have in my collection but I don't absolutely need it.


If you love Carcassonne and looking for a game to replace it, this is not. The bidding tile part feel really clunky and disconnected to the game


Best: 3-4 Time: 30-50 Min Weight: 2.24


I love the theme, and the game play. Feels like a better version of Carcassone for me. Another plus for it is my wife will play.


Tile placement


(App) Great decisions to be made, and I like the variability of scoring goals. However, economy can be screwy, getting stuck with 1 or no tile sucks, and score-keeping can be cumbersome.



I also want to try out Skye Frontier:


2-5, 40m


Tile laying mediocrity. Which, I guess, is kind of a redundancy.


W/ Promo: Themenplattchen Played through this once at a meetup and really liked it, enough to grab it myself. It fits into that medium-weight game that I can get the non-boardgamers in my life to enjoy and it has enough depth for the hardcore gamers too. The auction mechanic is probably the hardest for non-gamers to wrap their heads around.


+ Great variety between different games. + Fun at two players. Much deeper at higher player count. - Doesn't feel very immersive or thematic.


Solid game with a huge replay value. You cannot use the same strategy in each game because there are 4 randomly drafted point tiles. Would recommend it to anyone who loves Carcassonne!


I thought I _should_ get a similar game to Carcasonne that was relatively new. But glad I played this instead of buying it sight unseen. Gorgeous components, nice gameplay but the tile-laying and trying to get things to line up just didn't do it for me.


Pricing your tiles is such painful fun. Of course, I'm awful at it.


Despite being one of the most accessible games in my collection; Isle of Skye is chock-full of rich decisions. The balance of pricing your tiles while leaving your wallet plump enough to buy other tiles is fabulous, and the end-round scoring mechanism forces players to develop both short-term and long-term strategies. The catch-up mechanism seems too strong on it's face, but is quite fair in practice, even at the higher player counts. Isle of Skye is a game of assessment. Determining the value you place on each tile for yourself, and weighing that against the presumed value to your opponents is the heart of the game, and makes the game highly replayable since the valuation methods (scoring tiles) change not only round to round, but game to game as well.


Simply bidding and simultaneous play make this one a quick play. I look forward to playing this at higher player counts to make the field a little more accessible.


(1/17) 8. Very fun game with lots of interesting decisions and nice variable scoring. Moves quicker and smoother than I expected and reported problem of difficult iconography didn't like an issue to me. (10/17) Drop to 6. Subsequent play fell flat but I'm eager to try it again as the first play was so promising.