Enchanted Palace


Once upon a time in a land far away, an Evil Witch captured a magical palace and locked its Good Queen in the tower! Can you and your friends help her escape? If you do, you can become Princess of the Kingdom!

Use the enchanted wand to search each palace room for a magic lantern, mirror, and key. When the wand lights up, you'll hear different sounds from each of the 7 rooms - birds singing in the garden, music from the music room, and even moans from the dungeon! Then listen closely and the Good Queen will tell you what to do.

Beware the Evil Witch - she'll turn anyone into a frog! Use the wand to undo her spells and save your friends! To win: collect all 3 magic objects, free the Good Queen, banish the Evil Witch, and become the Princess of the Kingdom!

Features a 3D board and mechanical as well as electronic parts.


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