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1.18.18 Jeff Jones says we played with a "variant", which I think actually means we played it incorrectly. Jeff's variant had the winner of the card take it with the value of all your dice added together but the rules state that the winner of the card is the person with the highest value die. Honestly, after I learned that, I preferred Jeff's variant. The game is fine for a dice-chucker. High values are good for winning cards and low values are good for getting hexes. Hexes allow you to get monuments but I found that these were typically only won toward the end of the game so there was maybe only a couple turns where you could feasibly activate their powers. Greater & Lesser Monuments provided more VP in the long run. Sets of card colors also won more points than did having one card of each color. All in all, sort of mindless, random fun but it is limited fun.


Signed by the creators


Light on strategy, mostly dice rolling mitigation.


I really wanted to like this game. But it still just seems to feel meh to me. I love the artwork and generally love dice games. This game punishes low rolls but pretends it doesn't by giving you stones. I don't know. I'm hesitant to play this game nowadays.


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