Millennium Blades

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Bought this to try and scratch the MTG itch. It's great fun, and even my friends who haven't payed CCGs got the jokes and the metagame. The art and in-jokes on the cards are great, and it's such a satisfying package.


An incredibly fun, frantic gaming experience. I think you have to go into this looking for a fun experience. It's not a deep strategy game, although it is certainly a brain burner. You have to be okay with the randomness of opening blind packs of cards and getting something worthless to you. There's also a lot of chaos with the card effects and take-that. This isn't a "heads-down on your own board" kind of game. You have to process a lot of information in a limited amount of time. You're not going to be able to min-max to the degree that you might be used to in Euro Strategy games. Here, you have a strict timer, so if you suffer from AP and are used to having as much time as you need, you'll be frustrated. While I played CCGs in my high school days, I never participated in any limited format tournaments. But, I like how this provides that experience without have to fork over the $$ and deal with overly competitive, socially-awkward personalities. This is a very unique gaming experience, and one I hope to be able to play many times. One criticism is there are some weird card interactions where it isn't quite clear how to resolve some situations. You have to pour through the FAQ or just come to an agreement.


This is the game about games that games have been waiting for. The Non-CCG CCG Board Game about collecting uncollectible cards and playing a non-existent 1000 year-old CCG. So meta - my soul just broke the fourth wall.


Too long, but it is impressive how your deck grows. The amount of variety in the core box is staggering. But too long.


Expected Release: January 2016


This really is a CCG Hobby simulator in a box. So many cards and strategies to evaluate that it should remain fresh for years without an expansion--but expansions will come because a game built around CCGs has to have new sets, right? I'll reevaluate this after a half-dozen or so plays, but, for now, it is my favorite new game this year.


2-5 Players 80-120 Minutes


This game perfectly captures everything about CCGs. The market phase is frantic and fast, and the tournament phase is extremely clever tableau building. The theme pulls you in and is definitely strong, but it's the mechanics that keep you interested for all three rounds. Love it. Edit: gave to Jorge after his car got stolen with MB in it. I can't replace the car, but I can do this much. Edit 2: the cops recovered his car and his game was still entirely intact. He returned it to me. Funny how things work out.


initial rating, 1 play, like drinking from a fire hose on a timer, but the combos and the vibe of playing a ccg is so strong and nostalgic


W/ Exp: Promo Packs 1-5, Set Rotation MB comes out maybe once or twice a year but it plays right into our favorite memories from playing Pokemon/Magic growing up. I always describe it as Magic: The Gathering: The Simulator. A lot to process and take in, and you need to read quickly to have even a little bit of an idea of how your deck would work, but it's well worth it.


I love the idea of this game, although it simulates CCG players it is very euro in getting points. It can be a frantic mess, and that is fun


While my IRL CCG experience is limited to the Pokemon and Yugioh days of old, I find myself wholly immersed in the world Millennium Blades creates. Building collections is fun, the search for elusive cards is desperate, the trading mechanism is simple but clever (you'll still have that annoying friend who denies your trade even if it tips in their favor; just to spite you), and tournament play is streamlined, but full of synergistic opportunities. While the card references are very on the nose, Millennium Blades provides strong commentary on CCG culture and proves itself a worthy replacement. But beyond all else, Millennium Blades places fun first. The game gives you access to everything from the get go. If you want to cannibalize your starting cards to make a collection, or fuse them for a powerful promo, or drop all of your money on packs, or try to scrape up deals at the store, there is nothing standing in your way.


An amazing game for CCG lovers and non-lovers alike. I like the art and the mechanics of the card buying and tournament phases.


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