13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis

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I have so much love for this game. I think the partially hidden objectives are such fun and the fact that if you play too aggressively you end up either having to spend the next round undoing it all or you trigger a nuclear war: it is an area control that makes you think very carefully about what area you want to control and prevents a runaway leader (not that someone can't win by a lot of points but more that you never go into the last round certain who will win) I also love that you aren't just playing a card to benefit you but trying to limit how much that card will benefit your opponent. My only criticism is the box could easily have been 40% smaller and it would have made it a brilliant travel Overall, I cannot recommend this enough as a 45 minute 2 player game.


This seems to play like a very light version of Twilight Struggle. Enjoyable if you want the TS experience without all the setup and length of play.


TRADED: 12/2018 (Math Trade for Broom Service) GAMEPLAY Billed as Twilight Struggle in under an hour, 13 Days lives up to its name. Players play cards to either build up influence or trigger an event. If it is an opponent’s card, the event triggers for the opponent. If a player places too much influence they increase one of the three defcon tracks which can spell disaster for the world but mostly just the idiot who pushed the world into assured nuclear destruction. THOUGHTS I like 13 Days but not as much as all the positive reviews made me think I would. It can be incredibly frustrating to do anything meaningful due to those damnéd defcon tracks and sometimes you plain forget and—poof!—there goes civilization. The game hinges on misdirection and bluffing while trying to outmaneuver your opponent. All that sounds great but I don’t get the feeling of tension or excitement, which is a me-problem, not a game-problem. This is a game I’d like to play from time to time but I don’t know if I need to own. PROS -Board art is great and the cards, with their real-life photos, completely draw me into the theme. -Lives up to its billing of TS Lite: plays quick and has a lot of the same difficult decisions. CONS -Sometimes you just get a bad hand of cards and you’ve got to choose your secret goal from the Political Track or Personal Letter.


Oh this is good. Really good. More than I thought Tiny Struggle would be. Takes the card driven game system, which I love, and adds a tricky area control game full of feints and bluffs and tactical withdrawals so as to not blow yourself up. If replayability is there it's going to get a strong recommendation from me.


2 players 30-45 minutes


Squeezes down the Jason Matthews-style CDG into a 45 minute near-filler package. Obvious comparisons to Twilight Struggle for its mechanics and its theme. Enjoyable, fast, and easy to teach. Probably best used as a stepping stone to getting people into bigger CDGs, but I also like to break it out when I want a CDG but don't have the time to fit in something like TS or 1989.