Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set

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Innovative co-op deck-builder. Your character deck improves with multiple playthroughs. Only tried solo with expansion characters and it's a bit too fiddly. Some cards and rules are vague/conflicting are this brings the game down quite a bit. Wish it had more choices too.


Played through 5 adventures with the same group and while it was fun and we had more than our fair share of close calls. I feel that the inability to really help much between heroes at the same locations hurts. There's a few ways but it feels kind of limited. Though we made it to Adventure Deck 6 there doesn't seem to be the will in the group to finish it.


Expansions Owned: Character Add-on Deck


Excellent co-op RPGish experience. Managing the sundry resources you have (cards and time, mostly) is challenging and engaging, and the sense of progression is palpable. It's too easy, though, and the scenarios feel too similar.


I like it, but I'm not sure about it. We'll see...


Played once as a Druid and reaaally enjoyed it. My urge to carry over my good loot to another adventure was high.


Was fun the first 7 or so games, then it just became more and more of a chore to play. I would still play from time to time though. Just not more than once within a few months.


8. Initial rating after our first campaign attempt. Very enjoyable & easy to learn. Can't wait to play it again! After several more plays, changing rating to a 9. Only played base scenario with various friends so far, each time has felt different and each character has unique attributes which compliments various team combinations. Having played the entire first campaign, reducing rating to 7.9 as no new mechanics introduced. We now find out you can you wrath adventure path to take your adventurers past 6...



Only played digitally When playing Dungeons and Dragons, a player should role play to solve problems with their characters skills and a good DM should view failed skill tests not as a failure by the player but as an opportunity for story progression. It is a shame that the designers of this game got it all wrong. It is an endless progression of having to test a skill that is not your strength and failed rolls being simply a step towards failure. It is a great demonstration of the wide variance of a small number of dice, since it is almost impossible to get any check much better than 70%. The biggest disappointment of this game is how amazingly the character progression is handled. It is criminal that no designer making a campaign game has stolen it yet.


Cool theme, bad game.


1-4, 90m (1-6 mit Add-On)


Has the same problem as many co-op games, where 1. The most experienced player can just tell everyone else what to do to win. and 2. There's usually a "best" thing to do, and once you figure out how to play there's not much of a game left since there are few tough decisions. In fact you can basically just copy and paste my Zombicide review here. Supposedly future adventure packs will make the game more varied and interesting, but I didn't really enjoy myself enough playing the base game to want to give them more money. Also important to note is that this basically just simulates the fighting portion of a tabletop RPG (my least favorite part) and has very little actual role playing (my favorite part). Your own opinions of those two aspects of tabletop gaming will likely greatly determine how much you enjoy Pathfinder.


Sometimes you just want to roll some dice and get some stuff.