Magic the Gathering

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Not as good as netrunner but it does its job of providing fun, entertainment and the chance to meet others with similar interests. Downsides: might be too expensive for some. I for example only play commander (casual) and still wasted 6k on 30 commander decks (each one being from $200- $300) when I could've bought all the board games I wanted (makes me think of my life choices sometimes). However if you are only thinking of kitchen table, and casual games, try to focus on the pauper commander format and search online for all the cheap single cards you can buy at your local gamestore. The Commander's Quarters is a youtube channel that can help you find those cards or cheap decks to build. DO NOT BUY BOOSTER BOXES AND PACKS, its a waste of money if you have no intention of playing the draft format.


Old time classic and still evolving. The mother of CCGs. Not buying anymore but I still enjoy duels using my old cards.


2-player only


99% of which comes from Revised/4th? and Ice Age era of cards. Not really anything since.


I haven't played for a few years..


The addiction I just can't bring myself to drop. Haven't played much recently though.


Bloated, over complex, and overwhelming to jump into, but still a whole hell of a lot of fun.  Most importantly there need to be an "agreement" between players to make decks that are of comparable power levels. The complete lack of balance in casual play is exactly what got me to move on to board games.


the problem is that it is infinitely expandable ...


FULLY SLEEVED Sleeved: ??? x Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)




This game had what no other decent CCG had if you hate the collectible part of it: complete-unto-themselves theme decks. No trading required! I have every 60-card theme deck and every Worlds deck in print. We draft them play 'em against each other 1vs1, 2HG, ATK-Left, etc. Very fun!


Best card game ever, and I doubt anything will ever top it for me


Who did not play Magic as a teen? Haven't played much since high school, though. I still have a couple friends that insist on playing with me, so I will pay using a duel deck or preconstructed deck. I would rather play Epic. I do get a ton of plays in at an annual campaign variant my FLGS runs.


This game has evolved since its creation in 1993, but it is a money sink with the card collection. Of course, I don't like the based concept of creating a deck to play with.


I liked it better before all the rules/power creep. I actually like playing weenie (5 color) decks.


2, 20m


2016-11-XX - Played for 1st time; not really my thing; And the fantasy theme does turn me off.


The king of TCGs. The strategy is infinity and creative possibilities endless. Always fresh, but has a rich history too.


Really enjoyed this back in my teens, glad I shook the habit before I had the income for it to be dangerous.