In the Year of the Dragon

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In my mind, this has completely replaced Notre Dame for me. It gives me the same feelings. Is far easier to teach. And probably easier for new people to internalize than Notre Dame. Still both games are good. But this one is better.


Feld, so on the wish list


A brutal game that punishes you and dares you to even try and score points. I like it, but it misses something; it ends with a whimper, and can have runaway loser problems. Not as good as Notre Dame, but an interesting and solid effort--it just doesn't click with me.


Needs more table-time. This is one of those "Whoever can lose the least, wins!" kind of game.


Limited actions available due to the round count. I don't seem to manage the planning ahead as well as is needful.


Decent game. Probably my least favorite of Feld's designs, though. Nothing about it compels me to play it a second time.


A tight game, but I think the dragon favors are unbalanced.


Most of my plays have been PBEM. I think I prefer PBEM play because it takes care of the "mess" for you. I am enjoying the game, however, and I may purchase it in the future. PBEM - On Mabiweb 2011-11-19 - Bought; trade for Leaping Lemmings 2011-12-09 - Rating 7.5 -> 7.25 2016-07-12 - Rating 7.25 -> 8


In the Year of the Dragon might be the most surprisingly oppressive game I've played. I did not expect this game to so easily, nor so often, back me into a corner, and I quickly realized that a strong early game is crucial. This game is all about assessing the events, and creating a careful plan of averting disaster. With only twelve actions at your disposal, one misstep or loss of focus could spell disaster. Though not a point-salad as is Feld's preference, this game instead relies on complex connections between various decisions; take an old worker, who is more proficient, but fall behind in player order; or take a points action, but forgo useful resources. It falls in on odd space of games that are easy to teach, but highly punishing for new players, which certainly detracts from its appeal.