Tiny Epic Western

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Neither tiny nor epic. I generally dislike poker as an action resolution mechanic, and I further dislike worker-placement when your workers can be summarily killed off with little control over their fate.


Neat twist on the TEG universe. I liked the 3-hand poker mechanic for battles. Happy to send this on to a good home.


Much better than Tiny Epic Galaxies for solo play.


Played once, mostly correctly as it was a learning game between me and a couple of friends. I am eager to play a full game correctly.


I like the Poker aspects of this game. I think with a few more plays it may go up in rating for me. After having played again, the game is somewhat fun, but way too long. Also, as I thought when they revealed them, the dice are terrible.


This game is so bizarre. I like it enough, but the luck : decisions ratio is admittedly low for a game with so many rules. I like the production but seriously, who is this game for?


I really enjoy this game. Worker placement. Duels. Poker. It may not be the best in the Tiny Epic series, but it's not a bad game by any means.


1 game in and it felt overly complex to start with, compared to the learning curve of other tiny epic games. After a few rounds , it felt like one of the best.


A "tiny" game that takes up quite a bit of table space. Very fiddly, very luck dependent, but has some worker placement. A blend of a lot of mechanics that just don't stick together well.