The Fox in the Forest

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by Wyrd

If you’re going to play a trick-taking card game, it might as well be as beautiful as this one, with a scoring system that is Princess-Bride levels of deep and manipulative. Love this little Fox.


Perhaps my favorite trick-taking game and especially wonderful given the player count. It's a delight that both tanking and collecting almost all the books are valid strategies and I immensely enjoy this.


Chopping Block


Weight: 1.62 / 5


Rating based on 1st play, which was okay. Don't really get the hype though. Personally, I like Claim a little better than his one.


This could be a good game, but you need to play with the same person to really appreciate it's depth. Not sure I will keep it long term because I have no regular game setup with anyone. The scoring is creative, the power cards are a cool twist and imaginative, the art is amazing. But despite all that I am not sure it will be in the library much longer.


Love this as a quick, but very tactical 2-player game. High rating because I can play it with kids, wife and seasoned gamers.


I guess if I play trick-taking games I want to do it with a normal deck of cards. Because every time I play a game like Fox in the Forest I think "why did I spend money on this when I already have a deck of cards?".


Just ok. Trick-taking is not the most exciting. Not sure about the randomness due to not all of the deck being in play.


I would not have expected a trick-taking game for two to work so well, and the fact that it does is a testament to the subtle ways the special cards work. The luck of the draw, though, is pretty big.


I never really enjoyed euchre, but Fox in the Forest takes the same premise and makes it much more enjoyable with the actions some cards get as well as the scoring system that punishes players who sweep the floor with their opponent.


[Duel, Light, Tricks] Two-player card game. Meh, but I've only ever played it once.


I didn't think a 2 player trick-taking game could be done this well. It's very interesting without over-complicating the genre and has a good bit of depth to play around in.


It's like your mom's Rook game got a gorgeous upgrade and redeployment. Trick-catching with a twist, and only 3 suits for 2 players. Loved it!




Reignited my love for trick taking games.


Location: Kallax


Great trick-taking game for 2 players. As a child who grew up playing 500, this is a great two-player game to be able to play. Love the scoring system.


Beautiful cards and slick, engaging gameplay for two. I didn't think trick taking could be a two player game and I was proven very wrong.


Beautiful cards and slick, engaging gameplay for two. I didn't think trick taking could be a two player game and I was proven very wrong.


2-player only


Best: 2 Time: 30 Min Weight: 1.59


Wasn't sure how well trick taking for two would work. Glad to say that Fox in the Forest was both fun and entertaining.


Very good two player game. The powers on the cards keep the gameplay fresh and interesting throughout the rounds of play. Excellent game to whip out while waiting for the rest of the crew to come around for the big game!


7.4 / 2p / 30m / Family 117 / 2017 / 1.68 (Reddit recommended 2p game)

6/15/2019 drafted


Great Game for two player trick taking mechanic.


Interesting, portable trick taking game. I liked the balance of trying and forcing the opponent to take enough tricks and tip too far over the line, and would love to play this more.


[Pending to sleeve]


The Fox in the Forest is a two player trick-taking game, and this premise alone warrants praise. Just like any other trick-taking game players have a trump suit to abide by, and must follow suit, which makes the game incredibly intuitive and easy to teach. Mix in a few card powers, and a non-linear scoring mechanism, and out comes an incredible game for non-gamers. Anyone who enjoys the classic card games of old (Euchre, Hearts, etc) will immediately be at home with The Fox in the Forest and enjoy its unique take. Play a Swan to steal the lead, or the Monarch to neutralize your opponent's best cards, or play the Fox to pivot the trump suit and score more tricks. There is a shoot-the-moon element as well, which creates great culminations at the end of each hand. Its a bit too simple for me to play often, but it nails its unique premise and I will recommend this to just about everyone.


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