The Fox in the Forest board game
The Fox in the Forest board game

The Fox in the Forest

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Enter the fairy tale world of The Fox in the Forest, a trick-taking game for two based on a story about a woodcutter's clever daughter who sets out on a journey to uncover the secrets of why monsters have begun to plague the kingdom. Players will play cards from their hands in a battle to take tricks and score points. 

The Fox in the Forest has a unique take on scoring that introduces tension into the trick-taking formula. If a player takes too many tricks, they are determined to be greedy and won't get any points at all. Do you want to win this trick and risk winning too many over the course of the round? What is your opponent trying to do?

Each of the three suits has a set of special cards that have unique effects when played. The Swan allows you to lead the next trick even if you lose this one. The Fox lets you switch a card in your hand with the decree card setting the trump suit. The Woodcutter lets you swap a card in your hand with one of the extra cards. The Treasure will give the winner of a trick a free point for each 7 in the trick. The Witch will act as the trump suit if it's the only witch in the trick. Finally, the Monarch forces your opponent to play either the 1 of that suit, or their highest ranked card of that suit.

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  • Fun trick-taking game. Neat alternative to spades; especially if crunched for time.
  • Love trick-taking.
  • Making a two player trick-taking game is hard, and I don't think Fox in the Forest manages to pull it off that great. The game is OK, but not really something I want to get back to after having just played it.
  • June 2020Received in trade with BoardGameCo for Hive Carbon Approx $5.95 to $8.50 in trade value
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I didn't realize how much we had played until I listed everything out.  My wife and I have been defaulting to board gaming a lot this year, go figure.  It's been a good time though.  We also played a few games of #The Fox in the Forest that I forgot to list, which has been much more enjoyable than I thought it would be.  That and Silver & Gold were some great cheap Target pickups for us when they had a 15% off Target Circle deal.

I mean North Star Games has produced 2 of my favorite games - #Evolution: Climate and #Oceans. You have already had an interview with Dominic from them before though, so I'm not sure how much you want to revisit them.

Another I'd be interested in is Renegade Games. I believe they have the Clank series, but they also have a ton of interesting one-off games, such as #The Fox in the Forest, #Castell, #Succulent, #Proving Grounds, #Wendake, and the one I'm extremely interested in: #Sentient.

A newer publisher that seems to be putting out quality games consistently is Pencil First Games, with #Skulk Hollow, #Herbaceous, and #The Whatnot Cabinet.

I'm going to do your letters too, because why not?

Fun idea! In continuing with the Disney theme...#Oceans would be Finding Nemo. Some other favorites:

  • #The Fox in the Forest as the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood
  • #Everdell as the cartoon tv show Redwall
  • #Dune as...Dune. But the hopefully awesome and hopefully 2020 version, not the David Lynch version from the 80s.

#Splendor take up too much space for us to take generally.   Probably the same for #7 Wonders Duel#Cat Lady and #Welcome to... and #The Fox in the Forest I like in general.  They are smaller boxes which would be good for packing.  I would personally bring #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Innovation, #Friday, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, #Love Letter, and probably a couple of #Magic: The Gathering decks.  

Unexpectedly huge gaming week:

Haha, the only complete miss I've had so far have been smaller games, luckily. #Jixia Academy and #The Fox in the Forest. She really could not get into those at all, haha. Oh well! I actually gave #Jixia Academy to a friend who really liked it. Maybe his wife will enjoy it!

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