Sid Meier's Civilization: The Boardgame

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My brother who loves Civilization but hates the amount of time it takes to play the PC game. This makes a nice bridge, good civilization experince but takes less time to play then the computer version.


Can't get anyone to play such a long game


Tried to play this on a couple of occasions and the rules just stop the game dead in its tracks, so not rated yet. Managed a 3 player game which worked well and my interest got re-sparked. Now itching to try with both expansions.


It's not a bad game. The military and combat is very poorly implemented, in my opinion. If it wasn't for the military I would have kept this game.


Interesting and relatively fast for a civilization game, and multiple paths to victory that don't simply involve different ways to get points. There is so much going on with every card and tile that it's a massive mental undertaking for me just to focus on one of the paths. This game's rating is slowly sinking for me. It has some fun aspects, but the fiddly parts of the rules, the unintuitive combat mini-game, and the plethora of resources and stats to track wear on my opinion.