Project: ELITE

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Expansions Owned: Adrenaline


There are minor component gripes--the cheesy 90's CGI artwork, the shoddily-sculpted and shoddily-cast minis--but this is exactly what I want out of a real-time co-op. Variety, speed, and most of all, a hell of a lot of fun.


I played this broken game with some of my best gaming buds. Lots of fun but poops out fast. Minis are still super ugly. Nobody offer to take this off my hands unless you're willing to pay 100% what I paid for it. That's right, put your money where your mouth is (mic drops).


This is a great real time game where you have periods of 2 minutes where you rush to do as much as you can, and then the aliens go which isn't timed. I really enjoy that aspect because you don't have to worry about doing things that aren't for your benefit during the timed parts. Yes the miniatures aren't great by any means, but once you're playing you don't really notice too much. You're just spazzing out trying to do things as fast as possible anyway that you don't have time to admire what the minis look like. It's sad we'll never see the campaign mode most likely because of the harassment that many of the people involved in kickstarter performed on the designer, but I'll still hold out hope that one day he'll come back to it and it'll be great.