My First Carcassonne

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KIDS GAMES SHELF Rating for KIDS. This is an excellent introduction to Carcassonne. Kids ages 3-6 are the primary target. The components are top notch, with large meeples complementing some very sturdy tiles. The children can start by just playing tiles and learn to make tactical decisions that will affect the outcome. There is luck involved in when the children of Carcassone get pulled out, and that's perfect for this target audience. Excellent game.


A pretty good kids implementation of Carcassonne. There really isn't much game here at all though. Like, literally none. You might get to make one semi-interesting decision a game, but beyond that, you can put the tiles anywhere you want. I understand it's for kids, but it would have been nice if they would have included some "modules" to introduce later that make this more of an actual game. Oh well, I'm still glad to own it, since we're such a big Carcassonne fans. It just won't be much use once our kids are past 6 or 7 years old.


It's amazing to watch a 4yo pick it up so easily and grasp the idea of strategic decisions such as whether or not putting a tile down benefits someone other than themselves. It's a perfect gateway game and a good one to get the kids away from an electronic screen.