Endeavor: Age of Sail


In Endeavor: Age of Sail, players strive to earn glory for their empires. Sailing out from Europe and the Mediterranean, players will establish shipping routes and occupy cities the world over. As they do so, players will leverage their growing industry, culture, finance, and Influence, building their engine and extending their reach into the far-flung regions of the world.

1 Doubled-sided Game Board
5 Player Mats
48 Asset Cards
15 Exploit Tiles
95 Trade Tokens
54 Building Tiles
175 Wooden Player Discs
15 Wooden Shields
20 Wooden Attribute Markers
6 Wooden Keys
10 Wooden Fortifications
5 Wooden Missionaries
1 Sculpted Crown Mini
45+ Various Exploit Tokens
1 Score Pad
1 Main Rulebook
1 Exploits Rulebook
Storage Trays

MSRP: $70.00Lowest: $62.95

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