Blokus 3D

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A 3D block placement spacial game where players take turns placing oddly shaped blocks onto a lazy susan board. There some restrictions on where one can place the piece, such as inside a perimeter and not higher than a given height (differs based on the model board). The players score points at the end for each square of their own color that is viewable from above the structure. Each leftover piece that a player could not place (due to restrictions and other players blocking) counts -1 point. Great, 10 minute game to play with a family or as a filler.


Yeah, I don't like puzzles.


Nice puzzle. Not as good as Blokus as players spend more time thinking about their turn.


Surprisingly good multiplayer abstract game. Not too thinky like the gipf games and plays quickly.


Very approachable, easy to teach. Great build quality. Good opportunities for screwage. Daddy like.


I really enjoyed this one. I thought it was more fun than the original! I like the greater depth (see it is in 3D) so having to think ahead made it fun. IT is an interesting fairly abstract game. Good to play with younger neices and nephews right now.