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No matter what idea you have about Inis, you're wrong. This game looks like a dudes-on-a-map game, but it's not. It's a game about deep card play which develops in the form of area control. It's fantastic, easily my favorite game. Well, this or Concordia.


PROS -Artwork is stunning and miniatures and tokens are good quality. -Limited number of cards allows new players to quickly become familiar with the options available but location and epic cards can add some great variability. -Reminded me of a beefed-up, more thematically interesting version of Konig von Siam in that it has a much more chess-like feel than a typical dudes-on-the-map game like Kemet. This is mainly due to the "6/6/6" win conditions. -Drafting option of getting rid of the card you just drafted feels like the only natural way to draft cards. -Passing but being able to re-enter later rounds makes for some interesting decisions and tense moments. CONS -The "Check" aspect of taking the Pretender Token means the game can outstay its welcome. Maybe house rule it so that someone just has to maintain a win and call it at the end of a round?


A good game. Definitely want to play again. Made some mistakes but recovered to compete, but didn't have a solid plan during the one learning game I played. Could see this rating potentially going up.


(From 9 to 10) The art is excellent and this is actually a very deep tactical game with timing/card play. So many combo possible pack in a handful of card and i love it to death! +Seasons of Inis (2019)


Beautiful game. i played with 3 , and the game was OK. it requires a couple more plays to really get the feel for it.


Beautiful art, simple winning conditions, but with lots of strategy to learn and change. Epic cards really change the pacing of the game. Overall one of my favorite games with dudes on a map.


Inis is wonderful at all player counts. I'll ALWAYS play it, and ALWAYS recommend it. A card driven euro/doam hybrid with the most satisfying turns in boardgaming


The first play goes very slow (lots of reading), but really great (and fast) area control game after learning the cards. It strips out everything I don't like about area control, plus I love drafting. Inis is beautiful!


First game in, solid 7. If our gaming groups like this, then the score will go up !




I want to give it a 10 based on art alone, but I need to play more. I love eurowargame hybrids. Equal parts crunchy and social intrigue.


Clever game, especially with all 4 players. With only 1 "blind" card each round it becomes fairly easy to predict what'd happen. Enjoyed regardless, would play again.


Not the biggest fan of the 2-player variant. At 3+, it's pretty great. It's quite an irregular game where the board state is fragile and the contests are extremely expensive. But once you get a couple games going with the same group it really shines. I personally haven't seen much kingmaking in this game.


(12/16) 7. Found this intriguing, but didn't really grasp it until the end of my first game. Very excited to try it again. (10/17) Drop to 6. Haven't gotten around to that second play yet. Hoping it'll boost this number back up.


+ Inis storage bags