Hansa Teutonica

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Leased: Ferdy


Reports are accurate. Fast-moving yet open to being thinky, multiple routes for points, and lots of tough little tradeoffs. I am especially charmed by a game that lets you get more actions, but doesn't let it dominate the game. The guy with 3 actions a turn can beat the guy with 5. I am impressed.


Eh. Another area-control game. Not bad... not great either. I will give this several more chances at the game table though. It's a keeper for me, but it's certainly not something I get excited about -- even with all of the buzz. UPDATE: Traded for Liberte. I simply had to. :)


In depth game with little luck. Layers are peeled back with a greater understanding of rules and strategy.


I was dreading this due to the theme (or lack thereof) but was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had. It was easy to teach and learn, has some very clever mechanics, and doesn't overstay its welcome.


A lot of choices and paths to explore. Interactive while not totally in-your-face. Very fast turns keep everyone engaged throughout. Very good game. INCLUDED: Hansa Teutonica: East Expansion Hansa Teutonica: Britannia


HT always takes a while to teach but, after a turn or two, the game play breezes along. After all, it's merely place cubes, move cubes, take actions, or take offices. And the multiple scoring opportunities and the unlocked powers ramp play up very quickly. Although being the starting player does have advantages, particularly in getting the extra actions, there's also opportunity to rush the game by placing offices in strategic spots. Finally, I appreciate the balance of knowing when to switch from developing abilities to building your route. It's a clever game with a lot of options, despite the simple game play. And, most importantly for me for a Euro, HT has tons of player interaction. Lastly, it never overstays its welcome.


A perfect game. Seriously. Simple rules, deep strategy. Plays fairly quickly. Highly interactive. Every game is different. So, so good. And there's nothing else quite like it. Brilliant, unique design. Some people complain it's ugly. I quite like the stuffy euro look. It makes me feel warm inside to look at. It is best at 5 players. 4 is a little too open, the map for 2-3 players is a little tight in the wrong ways, though 3 players is a pretty good experience too. 2 players just doesn't work very well. Either too solitaire or too take-that. Still worth playing at 3-4


Another Euro. It's fun, nothing really too innovative about it. e: I rated this as one of my first plays. After playing hundreds more Euros, this one actually stands out as one of the best.


A lights-out positional battle. Interactive, competitive, strategic, tactical, devilish, masterful. Up there with El Grande for "ideal Eurogame."


I've only played it a couple of times and I find it dry. Ha.


Establishing trade routes between cities, building up merchant offices, positioning your guild as the masters of the Hanseatic League. Involves managing of resources/income, blocking other players, building, and reorganizing those resources to get the most points (from a variety of sources).