Architects of the West Kingdom

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Very fun and engaging worker placement. Not sure if I would prefer to have this or Raiders of the North Sea. But probably Raiders just to be able to play the Rune Saga.


Wrote about on the blog. Its new concepts are truly fresh, but the gameplay loop just isn't quite enough to hook me. It's fine, but only fine.


Curious about this one and would like to play Didn’t make rahdo top 10 Played a game with Brian, Adam, Nicola, Lauraine. Really enjoyed the different take on worker placement and being able to take each other’s meeples.


I love the different takes on worker placement seen in this and Raiders of the North Sea. In each case, they've made for lots of decisions but still quick to play.


Great game. I like the worker placement and how you don't need to go clean up or pick your workers off the board every turn. Smooth, fast turns. Love the multiple possibilities a player can choose and merge. Scoring is easy, no confusion. The virtue works great and ties into scoring and playing sensibly. Great game. I like the artwork and I felt the theme of the game as we played. The mechanics, while familiar, were skinned with enough theme to add a good feel to game play. Highly recommended.