Runebound (First Edition)

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Played it three times and my wife says she doesn't want to play it ever again. I can see her point. The leveling and paper dolling are a yawn. I'd rather invest more time and play a true D&D.


quite long but manages to hold your attention.will play once in a while and enjoy the game has some turn down time.. i'd probably only play it 2 player.. as a 2 player game i think it shines.


The only problem is that it becomes too slow with more than 3 players. Other than that a very satisfactory sucessor to Talisman (and better, IMHO).


Rating after 1 play. {Solo with 2 characters} Once again this only confirms that I am not that fond of fantasy-themed dungeon crawls. I used to like this stuff but not anymore. It's not a bad game but one that doesn't suit my tastes at all. Received 2007/12/14 (Traded Winner's Circle for this) Sold 2008/09/20 - Fallcon 21