Dungeons and Dragons Command Sting of Lolth Board Game

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When I first bought these dungeon command games, I did it only for the miniatures and the tiles, as assets for d&d games. Yesterday after almost 4 years, me and my friends, decided to give them a shot as game.The game is really interesting, both generals and the races can change a lot the game. It can be played with 3 and 4 people (we tried it both). Havent played the 2 player version yet, but the multiplayer system was great.Strategy, wargame, great miniatures and great cards. You have a lot to think, where to move, where to hide, what cards to use, which one to attack and with whom to hold peace. I am glad to have this in my collection. Loved the experience and my friends and wife, already ask for the next gamenight. Try it with multiplayer and have fun!


MTG, Summoner Wars and D&D in 1 box


Definitely closer to wargaming than boardgaming, as battles can take quite some time, and it is one-on-one (mainly). Well-balanced though, as it often comes down to a turn between victors.