In England at the tail-end of the 19th century four experienced gem dealers are competing in the Diamonds Club to see who among them is the craftiest. They invest their money in mines digging rights and the latest inventions with each trying to use the profits of their gem trade to enhance their estate. Whoever ends up with the best-looking property becomes Lord (or Lady) of the Diamonds. A detailed take on the game play: Each round players create a market from dark- and light-brown strips with one strip of each color per player. Players then spend money in the marketplace to purchase various items with the cost of each space equal to 1 plus 1 for each orthogonally placed item that's already been purchased. What's for sale? Positions on the start player track animal tiles to place on your mansion grounds equipment (mines ships mining rights) advancements on the three development tracks on your individual player board. These development tracks determine how many points you'll score for forests at the end of the game how many gems you'll receive during distribution and how much money you'll receive each round to spend in the market. Once the market phase ends with all players being broke or having passed the player farthest along the start player track receives a diamond and will go first next round while the player with the most money remaining must spend all of those coins to purchase a diamond. Players then acquire gems with each mining rights tile (numbered 2-5) in their possession being paired with one ship (also numbered 2-5). For each rights/ship pair you choose one of your mine tiles which come in four colors and take as many gems as the lowest number on either the rights or ship tile. For example a 2 mining rights paired with a 5 ship gets you only two gems of whatever color mine you pair with these tiles. If you've advanced on the gem development track you receive extra gems and possibly even a diamond. At th

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