Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small Big Box

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This game's got a high amount of strategic decisions for such a quick playtime and relatively simple rules. The big box edition includes 54 special buildings (which you use 8 each game) which slightly change the dynamics each game. This gives you strategic decisions from the start, rather than just being a tactical optimisation puzzle of what's best to do each turn (although that is still there too). This supports genuine strategic alternatives each play through, more than most 30 min games. Plus its got cute wooden animal tokens!


Took a while for this game to win me over, but man, this is worker placement at its finest. Unquestionably eloquent and concise, this is an experience I look forward to hitting the table whenever my gf asks.After a second and third play through, I am thoroughly in love and have completely reconsidered my stance on Uwe Rosenberg games. Wonderful time with my girlfriend figuring our way through this game.


It’s messing me up that it’s so similar to Agricola, but shorter and less stressful. I think it’s a good game I maybe still like Agricola better, but I look forward to playing it again with the big box expansions. January 2019 $36?? Guardtower