CIV: Carta Impera Victoria

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Did I miss something here? CIV has a sleek box, app-like graphic design, and a nifty metal coin. When they put it together they forgot to include the actual game though! Sure, there were cards in the box but they're really just numberless suits and the way you play them leaves a lot to be desired. A loooooot. You know how sometimes you download an app to your phone because it looks so great in the screenshots but then you never actually play it because it sounds kinda boring and eventually you uninstall it to save storage space?


I really like this fun, quick, tablue builder. It is a little deeper than it seems, and is quite fun. I recomend it.


What a neat little game! It reminds me of a lot of other games (Lost Cities comes to mind) while still feeling unique. I liked the interplay more at 4 than the other counts, but the game changes a LOT at each. Also just a lovely production. Great art, metal coin, big cards and boards, etc.