The Dragon & Flagon

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Needs to be played quickly to be fun. Any AP ruins the game. Unfortunately, players are presented with a lot of choices each turn. Too long for what it is. Fun when role played.


The raised tables and wooden throw-ables in The Dragon and Flagon's create a stunning cardboard environment that draws the eye and sets high bar for the rest of the game, which ultimately falls short. While the action selection mechanics successfully simulate the 'act now, think later' fighting mentality, the rest of the game is a hint too slow and inhibits full immersion. Wielding two brawlers worsens this pace issue, making high player counts a must. Other than the lack of speed, Dragon & Flagon is pretty fun. There will be a lot of whiffed punches, aimless barrel rolling, and general confusion so be sure to be in a jovial mood. Simulating a chaotic fantasy bar duel is no simple feat, and while it falls short at times The Dragon & Flagon encapsulates the turmoil well enough for a few tries.