Loop, Inc. board game
Loop, Inc. board game

Loop, Inc.

Loop, Inc. puts you and the other players at work for Loop, Incorporated - the most prestigious time travel agency in the world! . . . Well, uh, that;s not entirely true. Truth be told, it's a mismanaged third-tier agency owned by the slick Mr. Loop who cares more about making a buck than making sure the delicate weave of the space-time continuum stays tight and safe.

The game is played over the course of three days, with each day actually being the same day, but a different time through it. During the first day, players will get to perform 3 actions and send our their one time machine. Actions include gathering components, setting up advertising and more. Then, at the end of the day players jump into their time machines and return to the beginning to start the day over again.

The catch is, when players go back in time to try the day again, their past selves are still running around. this means they'll have to perform all the actions from the previous version of the day, as well as three new ones. they'll also have an additional ship to launch. On the third try, things compound even further . . . making timing key! At the end of the third day, the player who completed the most profitable trips wins provided they didn't cause too many tears in the space-time continuum.

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  • It's an excellent puzzle! It deserves more credit.Excellent design by Scott Almes.
  • 2 to 4 Players 20 - 40 Min.
  • by
    Like new, only played sleeved
  • Incredibly clever design that rewards multiple plays. Rulebook could have been laid out much better, but once you get a handle on it it's fantastic. Theme is strong and different flavor text on every card is a great touch.

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