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Enjoy the iPad app. Base game is on the lighter side of our usual fare. Friend owns. Would rather play Isle of Skye if going the choice.


Pre-Z-man, includes Broken Token Insert


Great game. Fun. Simple to teach to anybody. Not a 10 because the farmers are a bit complex compared to the simplicity of everything else in the game - usually have to leave them out when playing with non-gamers.


This modern classic (or I have heard called a sacred cow) hasn't grabbed me like it it seems to have grabbed other people. My understanding is that the creating the board mechanic was fairly unique when this came out so I see what the appeal is. But there is not a lot of choice or player interaction from my perspective, and the game gets a bit tedious towards the end. Maybe next time I will try a house rule to allow you to have a hand of tiles that you choose from that carries over from turn to turn. Or maybe a draw three, pick one and return the other two to the draw pile would improve the experience for me. I have to figure something out because I play this quite a bit more than I would prefer due to everyone else loving it(DM me if you have a suggestion). As it is right now I would rather just take the tiles out and build a kingdom by myself sans the game element. Includes the Abbot and the River. Edit (2019-04-06): Yeah this game sucks!


Location: Kallax


Great Gateway game that I have not only gotten my Girlfriend into but her best friend as well. I think play can be a little slow at times but with some house rules we came up with have had a blast playing this.


Tablet app, not physical boardgame


Fun, but sometimes the gameplay seems a bit one dimensional. Only placing tiles and putting down a man. I like the game but my like comes short of fandom.


This was one of the 2 first games I purchased when i got into the whole board game craze. I loved this game and played the heck out of it. Now 200+ games later this rarely finds the table. My GF still plays it online and asks to play so I play with her but have no strong desire to play it any other time. Not that I don't enjoy or like the is just played out. As such I have rated it a 7 but I highly recommend it to anyone new to games and couples. I did rate this a strong 8 before. Overall Score 7, Appearence 8, Components 8, The Box (storage) 7, Rulebook 8, Ease of Play 8, Mechanics 8, Involvment 7, Replayability 8, Uniqueness 9, Luck 3 v Strategy 7 (The higher the number the more it leans that way.)


Fun filled game. There are so many variations, that everyone can play in their own specific style. Enhanced by various expansions. I own Inns & Cathedrals and Trades & Builders along with some mini-expansions originally found in Games Quarterly magazine. Fantastic gateway game. INCLUDED: Carcassonne: Expansion 1 – Inns & Cathedrals Carcassonne: Expansion 2 – Traders & Builders Carcassonne: The River Carcassonne: The River II Carcassonne: The Princess & the Dragon


Love this one for its relatively simple and quick gameplay. Still allows for plenty of strategy but is light enough for my 7-year old to enjoy and remain competitive when playing against adults.


Fun tile laying game. Great filler. Explaining scoring to non-gamers can be a problem, but they usually catch on soon enough.


TRADED: 2018 (For DVONN)


Easy accessible


No Review Description


I wasn't sure about this one at first, it kind of reminded me of a litter box.


Own the app version on my phone


A simple, enjoyable game with solid mechanics. A single game can be irresistible, but further rounds provide diminishing returns. Random element hurts the appeal for those looking for pure strategy as sometimes players can get terrible tile draws. Rule variants help to fix this issue and I imagine expansions will solidify Carcassonne's timelessness even more.


We use house rules that you have 3 different tiles in your hand to choose what to lay down. Makes it less RNG-like. Edit: downgraded to a 6 with just the base with expansions. Used to be my go to gateway game but after a while I just got bored with it and there are much better gateway games out there.


I think I may be remembering this with rose tinted glasses as I remember it being fun, but no one I play with ever wanted to play the game.


Contrary to what some say, the field scoring in Carcassonne is superior to simple point counting spinoffs as it gives a nice tension to completing cities in fields you own.  However, there are too many dead end roads here that makes the end game usually devolve into who gets the resulting super-field.  Still good tile laying fun even if the hand size of one makes it feel like a game of Magic in top-deck mode.


A novel enough tile-laying sort of game. It's a little fiddly for my tastes, and the tiles a tad too varied and one-note. Just doesn't work for me. See: Sprawlopolis


Tile placement


a classic boardgame




Perfect balance of simplicity and strategy.


Great relaxing tile-laying game. Can be played very cut-throart (especially with some of the expansions), but is more often played very easy on one another while watching the city grow and grow, which can lead to a great experience (if you like that kind of game). In my oppinion a great game. Recommended.



With THE RIVER expansion included.


It's a staple in the house for family members who don't game. Great entry point for them. Kids love it is played consistently at home. When teaching the game the first game we leave out the farmers. Then introduce people after a play. Unless they are more Keen to gaming in general.


The best gateway Euro. The decisions are all fairly straightforward, but still allow for serval different strategies. A player making simple, low risk, high value moves can stay in the game. Unfortunately, the game is very fiddly. It takes a while to find all of The available moves on the board and scoring farms is not easy.


No need to sleeve


In my opinion one of the best introductions to modern board games, and a game that holds value to all levels of gamers. The expansions are needed if you want to play it at a higher, more competitive level, but the base game is great on its own for a more casual experience.


A classic. Still one of my favorite games.


2-5 players (best 2) 45-60 minutes


Gave to some friends. Excellent 2-3p game that's pretty easy to learn and will hopefully help ease them into the hobby!


Super fun, light, peaceful game. We enjoyed that it wasn’t too complicated and that it was very quick.


Easy to teach and fun to play. Will play again in the future.


A great game for people who want to play a game and be engaged with it while not trying to play competitively (i.e, you can walk away from the game after it end and you won't feel like you've wasted your time if you don't determine the score).


2-5, 45m nur Basis, 90m+ mit Erweiterungen


The whole family can play this one too; not a lot of strategy from the 5 year old, but she still likes it.


It's easy to see why people like this game. It's simple to learn, it's relatively quick to play, and the replayability is off the charts. It is a beautifully designed game. It's just one of those "not for me" games. Trade Condition Notes: Slight shelf wear on box, components are in excellent condition


Played this game more than most other games I own. Easy to teach, family enjoys it and can actually offer interesting decisions and tense gameplay


by klz

Great game that can be as deep as needed if you're playing with experienced players. Needs the I&C and T&B expansions for the best tile mix.


One of my all-time favorites, love it on iOS, but it is better in person.


This was one of the first Euro games I ever bought. I had a hard time getting my wife interested, but my buddies and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I like the "screw your neighbor" aspect of edging in on other peoples' cities or cutting off their farmers. I haven't purchased any expansions, but I might in the future. There's a bit of luck in the tile draw, but it doesn't usually outweigh strategy. Scoring is kind of a pain and definitely contributed to some people I played with not becoming interested. UPDATE: My 7 year old daughter loves this game! We play without farmers, but it's still fun. I'm bumping up to an 8 due to her liking it so much.


Combined base game, Big Box and expansion to make huge game. + Great gateway game. A good way to introduce new gamers, and slowly up the depth and difficulty with expansions. + Fun with 2 + Expansions offer a lot of variability and difficulty settings o The farmers, although seemingly simple, offer a lot of depth. (even more when adding Barns) Which is great for experienced players (I'd rather not play without) but might be difficult for beginners, or those who have trouble 'seeing' how they can expand their farmland. - We hardly play this anymore, because with the amount of tiles we have, it takes hours to complete. We'd rather spend our time on a heavy euro. Whenever we want to have a quick 1:1 Carcassonne experience, we turn to Carcassone: Star Wars, which add a bit of direct conflict.


$26.69 24-Mar-15


(+) Quick setup and tear down, easy to teach, plays fast, nice art work, plays up to 5, feels like a puzzle. (-) Too much luck of the draw, not much theme to speak of (+/-) The variant makes this game more fun by allowing you to pick from a hand of tiles. This is a good game with few negatives, but the positives aren't strong enough to make it stand out from other games.


Dropping my rating from a 7->5.5 because it is simply not my kind of game. I like tile games but not this.


Another classic that just really didn't take off with me. I think it may just need more plays or maybe an expansion or two? I wanted to like this more :(


Carc is a classic, maybe is a little dull, but if the players fight against each other for the fields it could be really good. Have a big bag for the tiles, thinking about buying Inns and Cathedrals.


The ultimate gateway game in my opinion. Always beautiful to play. Extremely satisfying. Great for 2 players.


The game that got my girlfriend in to gaming, and still an awesome game.


It often devolves into extending a castle to add your guys and cutting off your opponents part of the castle, other parts of the game are hindered severely by this.


Wonderful gateway game with a decent amount of player interaction and relatively low downtime. The game also has the ability to adapt to different crowds, which has given it very long legs in my collection. It can be played nicely, with each player working on their own features, or played brutally, with players competing to steal large features. The expansions tend make the game a little too long at times, but also manage to keep it fresh.


No Review Description


This game really just isn't for me.


Robin has this.


Used to love this game, but the novelty has worn off.


This has the River and the Abbot mini expansions.


Good tile laying game that will forever have a place in board game history as without it we wouldn't have the term meeple. Unfortunately this game can be AP prone, despite being so light, which can make it much less enjoyable for me if you get people who can't just pick a spot to put their tile in a reasonable amount of time.


October 16 Math Trade (10/17) 6. A classic that I can appreciate though not really have too much interest in playing.


In Germany


I really dont understand why people like this so much. For me its just a ok game. Easy to play tho, and my wife likes it alot.