Among the Stars

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It's better than 7 Wonders, at least. But honestly, parsing what your opponents want is so tedious that hate-drafting isn't terribly viable, and the added complexity over Fairy Tale doesn't add much in the way of decision-making.




A fun drafting game with good spacial mechanisms. This one is pretty easy to pick up and can be introduced to new players fairly easily.


:star::star::nostar::nostar::nostar: A tableau-building card game with drafting similar to 7 Wonders. Players add cards to their space stations to gain points and create possible combos. The only interaction with others is that passive-aggressive kind, which is pretty uninteresting. Not a bad game, just kind of boring.


A solid drafting game with some actual crunch and a spacial element. VERY good 2p variant that seems to have been adopted by the designer.




Nice drafting card game with a spacial component. The stations look great as they are being built up. INCLUDED: Among the Stars: Expanding the Alliance Among the Stars: The Ambassadors


did not play with full set , needs to play with objectives


After 1 play : Feels very similar to 7 wonders in mechanics but in space. Not sure yet if that makes it better or worse or just different. Our first game felt a little bit more friendly than 7 wonders as there is no military scoring at the end of each round. Having said that, in order to win, you need to key an eye on all players space stations which is difficult to do and with an expansion in the pipeline for 5-6 players, I can see this becoming a problem. Scoring the same as 7 wonders for now.


A thoroughly enjoyable game, similar to 7 Wonders but sufficiently different.


I love building the space station—and the mechanic of doing it is really unique. My gaming partner didn’t like it as much as I did but still enjoyed it. The artwork & production values are really good.