Tiny Epic Kingdoms

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It took me four games but I've finally broken myself of buying the Tiny Epic games. The enthusiasm of the creators is infectious but none of the four that I got did anything special. Playing them feels not quite like a chore but definitely obligatory in a lot of ways. No one that I've introduced the games to has been excited about any of it - bland art, bland theme, bland components, bland mechanics. Tiny Epic Bland.


In brown bag with die and sleeved box.


Nicely portable. The games are too samey, despite the variable powers.


I only played this 2-player for a while, and found it extremely lackluster. Then I played a 5 player game, and understood why everyone was giving it so much praise. Honestly, you really just need 3 players to get the actual game experience, which by the way, really is fantastic. IMO it's so bad with 2 players, I would have preferred if they would have just said 3-5 players, and focused the game more. Then maybe add in a (competent) 2 player game in the expansion, because 2 players is horrid.


I think this got played before being sent out the door. If it did it was not very memorable.


FULLY SLEEVED 23 x Mayday sleeve size: Tiny Epic Kingdoms - Green/Red: Premium (MDG-7148, 50/pack) - (88 x 125mm)


Feel like I like it less than eight minute, need to play a few more times to decide which to keep. Its not bad, but combat is almost never worth it, races wildly imbalanced. Definitely not a 4x. Its ok, just not for me.


Ultra Tiny version