Arcadia Quest

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This is just my kind of game. RPG, modular boards and everybody against everybody. The mechanics are really interesting. I personally like how the monsters behave - at first I thought it was a drag that the monsters were "passive" agents but once you start playing it, the monster mechanic is really smart.Miniature quality is superb. You can see all the characters details.One small down side is that the games can be really short with two players, and the upgrade phase and setup to the next scenario takes a little while to get done. Also, my copy of the game came with almost all tiles bend, and they don't unbend too easily.


Best with 3-4 players, not a very good 2 player game in my opinion. Tons of silly fun for four friends though. The items are cool, the ongoing quest is fun, with the right group its a great way to end a day of gaming for some light player versus player and questing.


want to play another game of this but so far it is pretty awesome game. I love the battling system and how fluid the game runs. I love the idea of questing and I really want to play this game more. Need to paint the minis


This is one of those games that every time I go in my game closet I wonder why I'm not playing it more. It's a really fun PvP game without having too much direct conflict. I think the reason that I don't play it more is that I feel like I have to play it as a campaign and I rarely get the opportunity to do that.


It's fast and reasonably diverting, which to be fair not all games of its ilk can boast. I worry though, that the game doesn't suit either campaign or one-off play; for the latter, you're expected to fudge things with respect to character progression, and for the former you're stuck with the same characters in perpetuity (and that seems unfun). Exacerbating both problems if that each mode requires you to draft, and the cards aren't even balanced enough for those purposes. Heaven help you if you get stuck with weak characters in either mode, but in campaign mode you're especially screwed. The equipment is similarly all over the map, which mars both modes. And if you sanded of all the edges, and managed to limit things so that balance could be preserved, then there's practically no there there. As a final gripe, last-hit rewards are dumb.


Between the setup/tear-down time, random die rolls, and no catch-up mechanics the game can disappoint. However, if you don't take the game too seriously though I think you could get a lot of enjoyment out of it. The "fun factor" is what gives this game it's higher rating from me. I would definitely prefer more depth but sometimes it's just fun to throw some dice and see the chaos that comes after.


It took a few games with different people for this one to shine for me, but when it did I was blinded. Definitely need to get a group together for a campaign.


Among the best "battle" miniature games. Clever combination of Player vs Game and Player vs Player. Dice chucking fun. Fiddly setup and long cleanup. Very prone to luck. We find it very difficult to complete the PvG tasks because the players get in each other's way and end up completing the PvP tasks first as a result. Included: Arcadia Quest: Beyond the Grave Arcadia Quest: Inferno Arcadia Quest: Pets Arcadia Quest: Frost Dragon Arcadia Quest: Chaos Dragon


Collection includes- Base Set, Whole Lotta Lava, Choas Dragon, Fire Dragon, Farfalla.... Both dragons painted.


It's really the theme that does it for me. AQ mixes cartoon/videogame style in a whimsical way that just makes it feel *fun* to play. The figurines are excruciatingly detailed. A brawler that gives you much of the fun in playing an RPG, but in a pint-sized way.


Painted, and includes the extra heroes from Masmorra.


8.1 / 2-4p Best 4 / 60m / 2.56


Played this with a few buddies and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I was staunchly against CMoN's business model, but I don't see them going away anytime soon, so I decided to pick this up while I'm waiting for Inferno to come out.


Absolutely adore this game. It's streamlined, easy to teach, has tons of dice chucking but still has strategy, and the components are beautiful. It's a table hog for sure, but I will also be willing to play this game at any time on any day. If you're looking for an attractive "dungeon crawl" type game with PvP then this is what you want. I don't think I've played this with someone who hasn't ended up enjoying it.