Arcadia Quest

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Among the best "battle" miniature games. Clever combination of Player vs Game and Player vs Player. Dice chucking fun. Fiddly setup and long cleanup. Very prone to luck. We find it very difficult to complete the PvG tasks because the players get in each other's way and end up completing the PvP tasks first as a result. Included: Arcadia Quest: Beyond the Grave Arcadia Quest: Inferno Arcadia Quest: Pets Arcadia Quest: Frost Dragon Arcadia Quest: Chaos Dragon


Collection includes- Base Set, Whole Lotta Lava, Choas Dragon, Fire Dragon, Farfalla.... Both dragons painted.


It's really the theme that does it for me. AQ mixes cartoon/videogame style in a whimsical way that just makes it feel *fun* to play. The figurines are excruciatingly detailed. A brawler that gives you much of the fun in playing an RPG, but in a pint-sized way.


Painted, and includes the extra heroes from Masmorra.


8.1 / 2-4p Best 4 / 60m / 2.56


Played this with a few buddies and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I was staunchly against CMoN's business model, but I don't see them going away anytime soon, so I decided to pick this up while I'm waiting for Inferno to come out.


Absolutely adore this game. It's streamlined, easy to teach, has tons of dice chucking but still has strategy, and the components are beautiful. It's a table hog for sure, but I will also be willing to play this game at any time on any day. If you're looking for an attractive "dungeon crawl" type game with PvP then this is what you want. I don't think I've played this with someone who hasn't ended up enjoying it.