Arcadia Quest board game
Arcadia Quest board game

Arcadia Quest

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Arcadia Quest is an exciting, adventure board game for 2-4 players created by a quartet of designers, including Eric M. Lang.

Each player controls a Guild, competing to be the liberators of the city of Arcadia and, more importantly, to become the richest and most powerful Guild in the land! Arcadia Quest combines PvE and PvP gameplay, so players battle both the Monsters that populate the board and the Heroes of other Guilds.

The Monsters react to the player's actions, so there is no Game Master, everybody gets to play as Heroes. The game is played through scenarios that make up a campaign. Players can choose the path their campaign takes, ensuring that no two playthroughs are ever the same.

As their Heroes defeat enemies and accomplish quests, they become gradually more powerful and resourceful!

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  • RPG Campaign
  • This is just my kind of game. RPG, modular boards and everybody against everybody. The mechanics are really interesting. I personally like how the monsters behave - at first I thought it was a drag that the monsters were "passive" agents but once you start playing it, the monster mechanic is really smart.Miniature quality is superb. You can see all the characters details.One small down side is that the games can be really short with two players, and the upgrade phase and setup to the next scenario takes a little while to get done. Also, my copy of the game came with almost all tiles bend, and they don't unbend too easily.
  • Best with 3-4 players, not a very good 2 player game in my opinion. Tons of silly fun for four friends though. The items are cool, the ongoing quest is fun, with the right group its a great way to end a day of gaming for some light player versus player and questing.
  • want to play another game of this but so far it is pretty awesome game. I love the battling system and how fluid the game runs. I love the idea of questing and I really want to play this game more. Need to paint the minis
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