Empire Builder

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Played SO many times in the 80's. This and Cosmic Encounter were our staples then. I'll play any time. I'm surprised at how long some of the times are that people talk about here - maybe we just played it so often, we did not have to over analyze. I agree that it's not a short game. Funniest thing is watching a newbie strand themselves immediately, after a detailed explanation of how and why not to..."start again".


This is an interesting (if older) title made even more so by the brilliant solo rules in the file section. Highly recommended!


April 2017 $30 Guardtower


Fun, but not as interesting as the later Eurorails. I have owned this edition for many years and the six part board is becoming annoying because the corners keep turning up. I would have preferred if the manufacturer had madi it a one piece game board.


I really like this game. The mechanics and feel of the game are great. This game is similar to Railroad Tycoon. I thought RT was fantastic but it seemed klunky. It is nicer to look at than this and overall not as long but it left me wanting more. This game did not. I know it might be me but this is the best rail game out there but it can be a bit long but it is worth it. Overall Score 8, Appearence 7, Components 6, The Box (storage) 9, Rulebook 7, Ease of Play 7, Mechanics 8, Involvment 6, Replayability 7, Uniqueness 9, Luck 4 v Strategy 6 (The higher the number the more it leans that way.)


Would be an 8. But it is just too long for what it is.


by klz

Sentimental rating. Older version with the jigsaw board and no Mexico map.


Rating after 1 play. It appears that I like train games and this one more so than others. I really like simulating train movement and drawing on the board. It is fun but lacks interaction. Played with the quickstart/quickfinish? rules and it helped. I think if it was longer than it was (with the quickstart rules) it would drag on a little past its welcome.