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I so admire the matching of theme and mechanics and love the artwork and the little trees, but while it is an interesting puzzle I just don't ever quite enjoy playing it.


This game is really pretty while you're playing it, but it's way fiddly, and kind of weird to teach. And it's not deep enough for the cost of doing all those things.


Not for me. Looks nice and plays fine, but it's a tad dull.


Really nice puzzle-abstract game. The theme fits nicely and the board looks amazing with all the trees on it! Perfect to play with friends and family for a light themed game.


Played it once with 4 players and was pretty bored. Theme didn't really catch me and for an abstract it just too long for what is was. Our gaming group is pretty slow which sometimes really impacts the gaming experience unfortunately.Would play along again, if with fast players, but not one for my collection.




A great intro euro.


Really fun and strategic game with beautiful components. Lots of room for strategy. Theme fits really well and helps rules just make sense.




40% Abstract 32% Family 25% Strategy game, Medium Complexity weight 2.23 :tankard: :tankard: #Spacial perception #Throwing shade #Action points Played with: :d10-2:-players with :indigo: wife :star::star::star::star::halfstar: :d10-4:-players :indigo::tobacco: with wife and friends :star::star::star::star::halfstar: Intend to play with: :indigo::corn::tobacco: Wife, family, Work/B&BG/CABS friends :coffee: Great for unknown players, players may try to attack, but this usually hurts the attacker as well as the target, so people learn to not crowd. There is usually a race to middle. Possible Player counts: :d10-2::d10-3::d10-4:-players Best with :d10-2::d10-3::d10-4: :d6-1: Level of joy :star::star::star::star::halfstar: :d6-2: Must like: #Spacial perception #Throwing shade #Action points :d6-3: No known expansions :d6-4: :heart: keeper value :arrowN: Great lighter strategy game with few rules. Usually I set it up and just start playing the game to teach it. It take a little to learn player mat, as it is easy to accidentally use wrong trees/seeds that you haven’t purchased. :d6-5: Similar to in my collection: Imhotep (spatial perception mechanics), Vineta (need to visualize opponents movements) :d6-6: No known solo mode, could be interesting to develop one :jug: This is a great medium complexity game that can be very competitive. The game is very easy to learn and doesn’t take all day. We love the beauty of it and the moves you make often directly affects all those around you. Throwing shade can mess your neighborhood up. The 4 player was so great, but I worried about 2 player. We saw a few 2 player mods. However I didn’t see a problem playing by the normal 2 player rules. Game was great at all player counts. April 2019 $30.17


This is a very pretty game about growing trees in a forest. The rotating sun requires a fair amount of planning your moves ahead of time. The games feels pretty static though and it doesn't seem to have a lot of replay value.


Location: Kallax


Wow. Wow. Wow. I love this game. Pretty sure it could become top 3. Will be buying, when I allow myself more buys.


Played once. Great condition.


1.11.18 Players use light points gained from having their trees in direct sunlight to use to buy seeds and trees into their ready area or move seeds and trees from the ready area onto the board. Players score by felling a level-3 tree and taking the highest valued tile that matches that area type. Areas on the edge of the board are worth less than those in the middle. Great looking abstract that is deep and not quite as mean as people make it out to be. I don't need to own the game but always happy to play. 1.27.18 (2nd play) Have only played a 3- and 4-player game, but liked the game more at 3 as it was less of a knife fight. Also realized after playing that we got several rules wrong: -A space can ONLY be activated once. Throwing a seed on a space means it has been activated. -Players can buy seeds and trees and play them on the same turn.


by hana

Borrowed from Blizzard. Boring theme. Too much AP with little return in terms of fun and excitement.


The constant tension of growing your trees and having seedlings on hand to plant, or harvesting was very fun. Not sure I would want to own this one, but I will play it again.


Maybe my rating is because the game is still new, but I've never enjoyed a new game quite so much. At its heart, Photosynthesis is an abstract strategy game wrapped within an ecology themed shell. But the game mechanics are unlike any that I've come across before. The strategy of planting and building your tree species within the forest requires that you consider the possibility of trading off some big scoring turns with low scoring turns later on in the sun cycle. The game works really well with two players, and becomes a totally different game with three and four.



Zero luck. All strategy takes too long for many. Components are great. Presence at the table is great.


A little boring with 2 players. Maybe better with more.


3D trees!


Deep and thematic, beautiful and fun. But if someone falls behind they won't catch up. Falling, doesn't feel like there is much there. Just place and grow. Not much decision space as you have to constantly turn the wheels of the machine or it stops moving.