First Class board game
First Class board game

First Class

The Orient Express: the name alone evokes the wonder and luxury of a first-class journey along a scenic European landscape. But if the Orient Express was yours, what would such a venture imply?

For this project to be successful, you will need a well-connected route, luxuriously outfitted railroad cars, and many passengers (including a celebrity or two). Choose your cards carefully to outplay your opponents, and your first class enterprise will truly be... First Class!

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  • One of my favorite drafting games. Brings in much of the flavor from Russian Railroads, but keeps things fresh with interchangeable gameplay modules and a truckload of choices each turn. Nice to look at, fast to play and really thinky. Some of the combos during scoring can get a bit extreme, but I like it.
  • Played once with modules passengers & luggage and who is the murderer. Can't assess how the other modules work as I have not played those yet. The game is quite alright and both modules do add their own flavour to the game, however the who did it module has one nasty feature: player elimination. If you have the most fingerprints, then you're eliminated from final scoring, which is rather harsh. I played the murderer, so was awarded with additional points as I managed to survive, but two players who has 5 fingerprints each were out of the game as the end. Perhaps a penalty would have been more fair, so that will probably be a house rule next time we play. I did enjoy the game and would like to play again. Thematic not that strong but a fun game nonetheless.
  • Good mechanics but thematic integration is lacking here.
  • Pleasant and quick enough But: Hardly any meaningful player interaction, rules a touch too obtuse, theming is downright horrible, and there are much better drafting games.

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  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (solo, physical): I'm not a big solo player but this is becoming a favourite of mine to toss on the table when I feel like a bit of gaming.  It's quick, creative, and you end up with a cool little map at the end.  Some of my favourite things!
  • #Hadara (yucata, multiplayer): First game on yucata ever and first full game of hadara.  Decent platform and fun little game!  Best description I heard: "It's like 7 wonders and splendor had a baby."  Yup, that is about right.
  • #First Class (yucata, multiplayer): First game of this ever.  Fun little game!  It reminded me of a variety of other games at various levels but I'd play it again as the package is good.
  • #Alchemists (tabletop simulator, multiiplayer): First multiplayer game on tabletop simulator in quite a while.  The game took us longer to play that I expected (we had a bit of an issue with the scripting which took a while to fix.  Don't rewind an action as it will give you a new game code and REALLY bugger up your game if you don't catch it quick enough)  I love the deduction aspects of the game.  The work placement part is ok, not amazing, not bad.  I think judgement on how much I like it will require another game for sure.


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